Happy Besties/Heterosexual Lifemates Day!

Today could have been a bad day.  It was up until about 3 hours ago when I realized it was National Best Friends Day!  Not that I need ONE specific day to celebrate all things awesome about LH, but it is nice to have a nationally recognized day to encompass ALL of our awesome over the past 12+ years.


Hey, remember that one time, about 11 years ago, we took a random trip to Washington DC.  We stayed in a house full of random men, only knowing 1 of them, partied until 3 am with a drunk German guy, trying to hit on us, went to a kick-ass SKA show in the basement of a church, and had the time of our lives? Yeah me too.  We look like such babies in the picture above.

Also – remember the time that A* broke my heart into a million pieces, literally the day before I was to fly to Memphis to visit him for a week?  I called you while sobbing and, I’m sure, incoherently babbling about it.  You told me to come over, you’d see me in a few minutes and hung up.  I got to your shitty apartment on West 3rd and I bawled.  For 3 days.  I cried my eyes out.  In between sobs, we ordered shitty take-out, smoked more pot than Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong combined, and played Super Nintendo.  For those 3 days, you stayed in your pjs, basking in the scent of our own filth, making sure I was numb to everything else outside of our own little world. Gosh that was about 10 years ago.  Fresh faced 20 year olds.


Our most recent photo together.  Front and center at a William Elliott Whitmore show with our fellas and your mom.  To this day I’m so thankful that you don’t like shitty music.  You don’t surround yourself with shitty people.  And I’m also so very thankful to be able to call you my bestie.  My heterosexual lifemate.  The Jay to my Silent Bob.

All my love ❤


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