Head Over Heels

You guys.

I am just so filled with love, adoration, and awe lately.  The mister and I have been together for about 2.5 years now and I still wake up every (okay, almost every) morning with that giddy, butterfly-filled stomach feeling.

It certainly isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, 24/7 over here.  I mean, he is stubborn, bullheaded, and stuck in his ways, while of course I’m the easiest person on the planet to deal with. (yeah, right.)  But even with our trials and tribulations we have been faced with lately, we still manage to come out (mostly) unscathed and still deeply, madly in love.

I’m writing this, not to brag or rub it in the faces of those less fortunate, but to wish you all the very same.  Even if it is for a fleeting moment or a lifetime, hold on tight and treasure each moment, no matter how corny or cheesy it may be.

Find someone who you’ve warned that your a little bat shit crazy, but gives it a go anyway.  He’ll likely, at some point, still tell you that “Wow, you ARE crazy”, but you have that handy “I told you so” tucked away in your back pocket.

Find someone that you can have those days when you first open your eyes and you know that you’re both going to be playful, instigating assholes to each other.  All Day.

Find someone that knows the cure-all for your bad day.  Bonus if it’s the same cure-all for his bad day.  Example – shit days for us = a nice motorcycle ride to the middle of nowhere.

Find someone who is passionate about something. It doesn’t have to be your same passion.  In fact, I would recommend it not be the same thing as you. Hey, you need to have separate hobbies, it’s normal.  It doesn’t matter what he is passionate about as long as he has something. Okay, perhaps not murder, the torturing of animals, or other typically frowned upon activities, but something he can go do after a disagreement or when your schedules don’t align.

Find someone that calls you out on your bullshit.  I’m not the most rational person out there.  I’m a redhead with the temper to match. Saying I fly off the handle occasionally wouldn’t be a false statement. D puts up with it to a point, but will call me out on it, as I do him.

Finally, find someone that feels like home.  You know what I’m talking about.  The feeling you get after being gone for a few days, but coming home.  Wrapping yourself in a warm blanket straight from a dryer, home.  Walking into an awkward social and/or family gathering, but your better half grabs your hand and you suddenly feel invincible, home. (Home is wherever I’m with you.)

Enough of the sap, cheese, and corn.  Just know that I’m happy and things are looking on the up and up on a regular basis.  My grateful challenge put things into perspective, I’m more active and trying to live healthy, and I’m loving life.

Until Next Time.





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