The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started

February 1st, the start of my changing lifestyle.  It started off rather interesting at about 2 am this morning.  I get up to relieve myself of the 2 glasses of water right before bed, only to be met with signs of an oncoming UTI.  Oh yay!  I forced myself back to bed and fighting to get up again at 5:15 am.  I wanted to do a sweat-inducing work out, but as uncomfortable as I was feeling, I opted for some good morning yoga.  I then prepped my breakfast and lunch for the day and began to wake the rest of the house us to get the day started.

First stop, local drug store to stock up on cranberry supplements, cranberry juice, and water.  I’m going to kick this things ass before it knows what hit it.

So here is to day 1.  Here is to new beginnings.

Starting weight: 187

Goal: lose 15 lbs before the first weekend in May

Let’s do this.


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