Happy Vernal Equinox!

Winter is finally over! Well… I live in the Midwest, so I’m not completely naive. We’ve got at least one more snowstorm we can expect because Mother Nature likes to keep us Iowans on our toes. However, it’s officially Spring according to the calendar, so I’ll take it!

It’s the perfect time to being my new journey – Raising my frequency. I’ve been stuck in a spiritual/mental rut for far too long and I’m trying to dig myself out. I picked up a new book at our local holistic (witch-doctory as D says) store to try and assist me on my journey. Last night I curled up on the couch to enjoy a big ol’ glass of Moon Milk and then headed to bed for a a little light reading.


Today’s “lesson” is to start to track your current frequency. Where are you now. After reading the description, I can definitely say I’m at the lower end. I find myself lost in my own head, over thinking, over analyzing, and just making myself miserable because I’m only focusing on the negative. I need to be more in tune with myself, my soul, and my emotions. So today is day 1! I’ll try and periodically check in with myself.

I also want to keep up with my “Grateful” writing. Today I’m grateful for my job. I get to travel weekly to another store location, which is a nice break and a great way to just get lost in thought. I’ve also never worked at a place that is so relaxed, flexible, and understanding of the work and life balance. I’m going to work towards being a better employee, however I can, to show my appreciation for the amazing opportunity I’ve been afforded. Starting now… as I’m writing this sitting at my desk at work because I was an overachiever and got here 30 minutes early.

Have a blessed day and remember:

The troubles you see today are temporary and part of how you’ll grow tomorrow.


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