Life is Short. Smile While You Still Have Teeth

Have you ever had those moments where you just can’t believe your life is the life you’re living? Strange things, occurrences, people… all attracted to you in some form or another. You’re a beacon for the strange and unusual.

My life has seemed like one gigantic series of conundrums and “isn’t life funny” kind of moments and it made me wonder how many others out there experience the same thing.

Prime example: Last Friday, my boss called me to ask about an issue that resulted in our company being penalized for something. After doing some research, I found out it was genuinely my fuck up. My mistake. So naturally I did what any female would do: I stressed about it all weekend long. Come Monday, I was looking for an appropriate time to do damage control – fess up that it was my mistake and try to fix it. Done. Monday ended well now on to Tuesday! I’m called back in the boss’s office, asked to sit, and I start sweating. What changed from yesterday to today? Did they realize the mistake was worse than originally thought? Long story short… it was to ask where my salary currently is and what I can expect for a raise and Christmas bonus.

What? Like… F’real?

Yep. Sure as shit, fucked up on Friday, fessed up to it on Monday, told I’m getting a raise on Tuesday. How’s that for Mercury Retrograde?!

Now rewind a bit to earlier this year / Summer when I had been wanting to manifest more monetary abundance into our lives. It’s not that we’re struggling, but we’re not saving either and having just a little more would help with that. In my spiritual journey, I’ve been tapping into the eclectic side of paganism, hoodoo rootwork, and just some basic manifesting rituals. I found one that was said to be slow working, but would prove fruitful as long as I had faith and continued to work on it. Here we are a few months later…

I have so many wonderful examples and experiences of the wonders of the universe and how everything happens just as it should: how we purchased our dream home, found D his super cool job, turned attitudes of enemies around, etc etc.  I’ve really learned to appreciate that within the past few years and reflect on all of those wonderful ah-ha moments that have happened during my life and realize that they didn’t just happen out of the blue – it was manifested by yours truly.

But what is the secret? What’s the magic behind it all?


Yep, it’s that simple. Once you start believing you’ll have the things you want and living like you already have those wonderful things, you’d be surprised at how they tend to just “show up.” Now that’s not to say you can ask for 8 million dollars and start spending like you already have it. Come on, let’s use reason here. But you can ask for more financial gain and dedicate yourself to your job, bust your ass doing the work, and the universe will reward you. That could be in the form of a raise or even an entirely new job opportunity. You want to manifest love in your life? That may come in the form of you learning to love yourself and practice self care before you bring another human into the mix. Or maybe that love you’re looking for is found in an animal companion or volunteer work or a new hobby.

Our brains have been hardwired to expect a certain outcome of a situation, without including other possible off-beat variables. Financial abundance doesn’t have to be in the form of winning the lottery. Love doesn’t have to be Prince Charming showing up at your door. The universe knows what you need, when you need it and it’s time to have faith and trust in that. Whether your “universe” is God, Zeus, Vishnu, Odin, Allah… whoever you answer to, have faith that your best interest is always priority #1. You may not see it that way at the time you’re going through your trials and tribulations, but it’s still there.

Enough of my rambling and unsolicited advice, I just get SO excited when I have concrete evidence that someone upstairs hears me and responds.  Until next time…

Let go and live your life. Do you, boo boo!


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