A Little Bit of Woo Woo and Magick

I like all things weird. You want to talk about ghosts? Sweet, I live in a haunted house built in the 1800s and swear one of them is a ghost cat. You want a tarot reading? I got you! I’ve been practicing for ages and love how sassy in your face they can be. You want to contact the dead? No Ouija allowed here, but I got dowsing rods, EMF readers, and a pendulum so we’re covered. There is so much in this world that we don’t understand or don’t even try to, yet there are so many unexplained miracles and events that cannot be explained by science or logic.

The point I’m getting to is today, July 20th, is a new moon in the sign of Cancer. It’s the second one this season and hopefully brings much needed rest to a period of chaos. Do I think all of our choices and destinies are determined by how our name breaks down to a digit or when we were born? Absolutely not. I do, however, believe they can influence a lot of behaviors and personality traits, whether you believe in it or not.

Back to the new moon tonight. For me, the new moon signifies a brand new cycle. A new chance to do things differently and a chance to let go of things no longer working towards our best life and best interest. It’s also an amazing time for me to work on my “shadow” side I mentioned in my last post.

The Moon Is A Reminder | Moon quotes, Inspirational words, Words

During the new moon, my 8 year old super awesome step-kiddo and I like to write down “wishes” or intentions we’re planning on working towards during this cycle or for the next 28 days, as well as things we’re “releasing.” We’ll start with cleansing our healing space, followed by some soft music and a few minutes of silent reflection to figure out what we’d like to send out in to the world. We’ll light a few candles if time allows and usually we try to keep to a color/s that represent what we’re aiming for like green for money, red for love, etc. Generally we’ll burn them in my little cast iron pot and blow the ashes the the eastern wind, the element of Air that represents wishes, manifesting, and intentions. The air then carries our releases and manifestations out to the universe to start working it’s charm. Other times, rather than burning what we wish for, we’ll put them in a special box to look back on every now and then during that month cycle, read aloud, and refresh what we’re working towards. There is no right or wrong way, it’s all about the energy and intention you put behind it.

The new moon is also a great time to cleanse your mind, body, and soul with a cleansing, spiritual bath or shower. We call them “spa baths” at our house, but really it’s a ritual of self-love. Every since kiddo was 4, I’ve been trying to stress the importance of not holding on to bad feelings and that it’s okay to have them, but we have to know when to let go. One of the best ways to do it is by taking a nice relaxing Epsom salt and bubble bath. We’ll turn on some meditation/spa music, light some candles while waiting for the tub to fill, and then soak for at least a good 20 mins, imagining we’re washing away all of the bad feelings and sending them on down the drain. It doesn’t work just on bad days either, but stressful days or days when you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, and/or physically drained. Heck, you could do it just because you want a bubble bath – you don’t have to wait for a new moon or wait for a bad day, just make sure to care for you.

Tonight the kiddo is with her momster, so I’ll be doing my own thing tonight. I think I’ll try a different route this go-around. I’m going to start the evening with cleansing my healing room, but before taking a cleansing bath, I’m going to do some writing in my shadow journal (that I haven’t started yet, but tonight sounds like a great opportunity to!). Once I do some reflection on that, then I’ll take a nice relaxing bath. I may burn some shit, I may not. Either way I plan to sit in my garden for a little meditating and listening tonight to see what the universe has to say. Maybe smoke a joint, maybe plan world domination, you just never know where this new moon energy will take you. 😎


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