35 Ain’t Too Bad

Surprisingly, my birthday didn’t turn out to be the complete shit show I had anticipated. My good friend Em had a beautiful bouquet delivered, kiddo had her 1-year follow up since finding out she’s type 1 diabetic and her A1C lowered even more, and it was fairly uneventful in the hospice world.

Yesterday was a very, very long day. My mother decided that waking me up every hour, on the hour was a great idea. I’m not a morning person, she knows this. Safe to say I was a grump ass for most of the day. Didn’t help that someone was supposed to come bring their dog to meet Murphy and hopefully adopt him backed out last minute. Thankfully, I’ve been in contact with a Labrador Retriever Rescue program, as well as plan on taking him for an hour road trip tomorrow to meet a woman and her German Shepherd so keep you fingers crossed ONE of those options work because I’m running out of steam. Once he’s placed, Wheezy can come here with us and mom’s apartment can be cleaned out, packed up, and closed down. One less this to worry about and once she does finally pass, I’ll be ready to peace the fuck out of this place. I’m so sick of the desert.

My brother called and talked to my mom this week too. Apparently he told her he’s planning a trip after the 4th. News to me. I made sure to text him to let him know leave the woman and kids at home, mom doesn’t need the stress and she would never admit that to him. He’ll do what he wants anyway and if he brings the whole damn family, fine. He can come visit, but the rest won’t be allowed. She’s never met these kids. I’m not about to have them meet her and say goodbye to her all in one fell swoop. Fuck that. And as far as his woman is concerned, it’s best she just stays away from me for awhile. Or forever. Haven’t decided which yet. I also, very maturely, made a Facebook post, calling out some bullshit I’ve been hearing about from back home. Apparently, Dave has been getting some serious grief at work for needing to adjust his schedule to accommodate when he has his daughter because no one was really updated on what’s going on out here. My uncle and brother, who work for the same company, haven’t really said shit to anyone about anything going on out here, so it makes sense that sure, there would be some questions. I’m sure my brother is playing the “savior” card while he prioritizes his job, woman, and stepkids over his own mom.

Every day is turning into a struggle. When my mom is awake, she generally wants to argue about everything. Even when she’s sleeping, she still yells my name randomly. It’s weird, I’m over it and ready to go home.

Until Next Time.. XO


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