‘Murica Day and All That Shiz

Friday morning, I woke up, determined to make the day mine. Or as much mine as I could. Betsy was picking me up at 8:30am to go get Murphy to hopefully meet his new family and Parrish would be coming to town at SOME point and offered to load up the boxes from mom’s apartment to take back to Iowa with him. What a guy. The timing on all of this had to be just right because I can’t leave mom alone with Robyn for too long – if she falls, Robyn would have to call someone to help her. Fingers crossed the day cooperates!

Before I head out the door, I dab on some of Fred’s “Algiers” oil I had D ship out here to me. I haven’t really done much on the spiritual side lately, so I almost felt as if I was asking for a favor without having earned it, but dabbed it on anyway in hopes that the magick luck recipe grants me some luck for the day.

Parrish is running late – his wife isn’t a morning person and that’s okay, I planned for it. With Parrish, you have to expect the unexpected, so I built in a little time. We get to mom’s apartment, load up Murphy and some of his belongings; bed, toys, treats, etc. We have to drive about an hour to Chino Valley to meet Rosie, who sounds like she’s straight from the heart of Brooklyn or Jersey, who called and expressed interest in meeting him. She has a 6 year old female German Shepherd that he would have to get along with. We pull up to a very affluent neighborhood – 10 ft tall concrete walls in the backyard, beautiful landscaping, just beautiful. Rosie had a car in the driveway with plates that say “Brooklyn” so two points for being right on that accent, haha. Long story short – the two dogs got along wonderfully. Zoe and Murphy sniffed each other and then followed one another around the yard. Rosie was talking about getting her trainer lined up asap for both dogs and getting Murph on a diet because he’s a big boy. She cooks all of her dogs meals to ensure what’s going into her meals and just wow… I don’t think I couldn’t have found a better home for him. It was sad to leave him as he whined for me at the door, but something tells me his new gal pal Zoe will keep him busy.

May be an image of 1 person and dog

We’re headed back to the Valley and go pick up Wheezy to take him to Robyn’s. After I drop him off, I head back to mom’s apartment to meet Parrish and load up some boxes. We arrived within 5 mins of each other – another score for the day. We get everything loaded, he leaves me some delicious homemade weed treats, and off they went for their 2 day drive back to Iowa.

So far, Friday is killing it. D also has kiddo for the weekend, minus 24 hrs due to the stupid holiday, but at least she’ll have someone looking out for her this weekend. As soon as she got to dad’s, she grabbed his phone and called me. I miss her so much. D said she’s been finding excuses to climb in bed and sleep on my side because she misses me. It kills me to hear that because I have no idea what this kid has been bottling up for 2 months. Here’s hoping I get home soon and can have a girls weekend with her. D took her fishing and they enjoyed some good quality time together. He better enjoy it now because when I get home, that kid and I will be having some serious girl time to make up.

I’ve been working on cleaning up mom’s apartment in my spare time, which isn’t much. I have just about everything that I want to make sure comes home with me packed and ready. I also have a huge pile of furniture, clothes, and other donation items, as well as a big garbage pile that’s just waiting to be tossed. The “trailer” I’ve been promised for 2 months apparently is only a flatbed, but I wasn’t told that until a few days ago, so now I’m hoping someone around here has one I can use even just for a day. We’ll see. Worst case, I have everything that needs to come home, ready to go and the rest will be dealt with later.

Mom’s deteriorating fairly quickly now. Her feet are swollen and her fingers are starting to swell. When she’s awake, she’s more confused than not and has started to yell/talk to people that aren’t there or think we’re in places we’re not. At this point all I can do is go along with it. She hasn’t eaten anything since the day before yesterday and her breathing has changed today from fairly normal breaths to shallow short ones or even long drawn out ones. Her skin isn’t too mottled on her feet or knees just yet, another thing to keep watch for, and all I can do is keep her comfortably dosed up on some morphine.

Fingers crossed the light is at the end of the tunnel soon! XO


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