Truth = Freedom?


I’ve been trying to live as my true, unabashed, unfiltered self for some time now and for the most part is has absolutely served me well. I’ve been able to set boundaries in my unhealthy relationship with my mother, I’ve cut out certain toxic people, and have been focusing on MY future more, versus that of the collective.

It seems that the line is crossed when you publicly “out” someone for their shitty behavior and selfish ways. Especially if that behavior is coming from “family.”

*Here’s your warning* The remaining of this post will likely be laced with profanity, name calling, and just downright pissed off attitude. However, at no point in time do I wish any harm on anyone. If karma happens to find them, great, otherwise I’m out. I’m done, I’m over it, and not wasting any more time or energy on it after this post.

Monday, June 13th. My brother’s gutter cunt of a girlfriend scheduled my mom for a hair appointment that afternoon. This was a reschedule from the last time she booked an appointment because she had “forgotten” she had things to do. Mom reached out to tell me the twat waffle had to cancel again because she had forgotten about a birthday party in some other town. My mom was relieved because she can’t stand her either, but at the same time, disappointed. She’s dying for Christ’s sake and all she wanted was her hair cut and dyed.

To say that I was livid is an understatement because this fucking useless waste of space doesn’t have a job, collects welfare, AND spends my brother’s paycheck, all while (finger) painting at home to sell them online at ridiculous prices because she’s “an abstract artist.” Bitch, a kindergarten class can do the same fucking thing, but you don’t see them trying to rip people off for some canvas and swishes of acrylic globs. She also fills my brother’s head with lies about how much she helps my mom during the week and that she’s always available should she need something because he works out of town during the week. He’s the dumbass that believes it and I’m just a hater or jealous or lying or whatever other emotion I’m supposedly feeling when he’s bitching about me to someone else. I’ve long accepted that I’m the villain in their story, regardless of what I do, so I decided to stir the pot and clear the air on a few things with a now infamous Facebook post.

It took less than two hours for someone to send it to her, she then called and cried to my brother, who then whined to our mom that I was “picking on him.” Rich coming from the one who bullied our now-deceased brother his entire life, but okay. He was honestly more upset about me putting a clown face over hers and the entire family seeing the post. She apparently made her own horrible posts to contradict everything I’ve said, but she forgets that I have the receipts to the awful text messages she’s sent me, the horrible voicemails she’s left, and numerous other things. I eventually took mine down because I had made my point, but she continued on. And apparently in very nasty ways. I really don’t give a flying fuck because her acting this irrationally just proves she knows she’s a lying, gold digging whore and doesn’t want anyone else to know it or it’ll spoil her plan to marry my brother and bleed him dry.

All was fine and dandy until yesterday, the 14th, when she decided to escalate and cross a big, big fucking line. A mutual “friend” of ours messaged me, advising to “clean house” because she was spouting real crazy stuff and threatening to call my stepdaughter’s mother and file a false police report to have our house searched and turned upside down. It very well could be just an empty threat and we have nothing to hide in our home, but the fact that she would even threaten that proves she’s just as crazy as his ex and will stop at nothing to defend her life of lies.

Let’s get back to this “friend” that alerted me. This person has helped with my mom from the get go with flying out to AZ to help a few times, to making the 30 hour drive back with us to bring her home, getting her settled and so much more. However, I’ve been feeling like this “friend” has been playing both sides for some time now. She’s known the cum-guzzler for quite some time and even considered her a friend at one point. I can’t explain the earlier feelings of betrayal because my emotional and mental state hasn’t been the greatest, but a text from her yesterday, offering dirt on my brother’s THING should she pursue legal action, but won’t give up the dirt til then. That struck me as a bit weird and just… off. I decided I needed a little friendship break – D suggested I just ghost her for a bit, but I’m not like that – so I sent her a message along the lines of “I love you, but need to take a break from our friendship for just a bit, at least until my mom passes. I’m having a hard time with trusting anyone right now and need to get myself in order. We’ll talk soon.” She took that about as well as I thought – personally. I just told her I can’t help how she takes something, that’s on her and then proceeded to block her from calling, texting, or messaging me for awhile. It’s not forever, unless she decides it is. If she’d only realize she’s not the only one I’m “breaking up” with temporarily, she may understand more, but again, we all only see and hear what we want to.

Either way, I digress. I’m done dealing with their BS and honestly the only remaining tie I have to my toxic, shitty brother and his trash heap of a girlfriend is my mom. Once mom dies, they “die” right along with her in my mind. Fuck em. The truth hurts.

Until next time…



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