The Girl Behind the Keyboard

Just a small town girl living in a fucked up world.

Hey! I’m Sam. Born and (mostly) raised in the Midwest, with a dabble in the desert here and there. Diagnosed with depression/anxiety in 2017 and more recently with adult ADHD – my brain is a fun playground.

I recently separated from an 8.5 year relationship (1/31/14 – 07/02/22) and moved in with my terminally ill mom, who I just moved back (August 2021) to Iowa from Arizona. To say that 2022 has been an adventure would be the understatement of a lifetime.

My writing should come with a warning, maybe even a “trigger” warning – I tend to use a lot of curse words. Why? Because I fucking can. Studies show it’s a sign of intelligence, that’s enough of a reason for me. There is also no shame in my game so there is no topic that is too tough or embarrassing to talk about. If I make you uncomfortable, good. My job here is done.

Enjoy the rantings and ravings you’ll find throughout. I can look back in disbelief and horror while I spot the signs of covert narcissism and his mental/emotional/psychological abuse he put me through, while I try to forgive myself for being so ridiculous and believing his lies and insults. Thankfully with every rude, indignant, malicious, mean text he sent or every rumor I hear spread about me makes it all that much easier to move the fuck on and be done with him. #Freedom

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